Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Early Noise/ Morning Sounds

So,I knew I would struggle with the activity this week. When I first scanned the assignment, I was already frustrated because it just sounded complex. I began by downloading everything before class. Then in class we did a mini activity that made me feel better about the assignment, but after I gathered all my sound files and started to convert them/export them to mp3 I was feeling uneasy again. I took the time out to read the blog post thoroughly and realized our Professor Alan Levine had a longer tutorial. The tutorial made me feel better again and it prompted me to import and export all my files again to follow what he did more precisely. Now, all I had to do was test it out. So, I went to the Young Writers Project and figured out how to download my sounds. There wasn't much on there when I attempted to do this and continue my homework so I just listened to three and attempted a draft of what I wanted to say. When I revisited the homework assignment again, I listened to the sounds harder and tried to come up with something creative but realistic. 

Here is the final product using three of gg sounds

Ending to Overlap with gg sounds

My parents always claim I make to much noise so I go to my car which allows me to be free and escape. 

More Practice

So, for more practice I decided to do "Have a Phone Conversation with Yourself." Based off of my solo conversation, I captured the idea of "holding down both sides of a conversation" and "using the pitch changer." I actually enjoyed this activity even though it took me a while to figure out how to make my voice go even deeper. I started off already speaking in a lower tone and just used Audacity to make it less obvious and a little deeper.


  1. Quanesha it was such a relief to hear that someone else had reservations about this week's assignment. I wish I would've found the longer tutorial. I think I was too caught up in own neverousness about what was in store. As always, great blog post.