Tuesday, March 28, 2017



I enjoyed thinking about the memory I shared with my dad on campus. Sometimes, it takes a while for me to think about an idea, but the memory I shared came to me rather quickly. I am not really sure what connection others will make as far as what it says about Kean University as a whole but maybe it can represent Kean being a place of laughter and happiness. 

Sharing My Poem in Class

When our professors told us to bring in something creative, I started thinking about all the poems I wrote for my Advanced Writing Poetry class. I really wanted to bring in something new but like I expressed in class due to time I haven't been writing poetry lately. Last Wednesday, I decided to go with Paper Clip. I knew it was still a work in progress but it was one of those poems I still liked with it being a work in progress.

Paper Clip

I want my relationship with God
to be like the relationship
of paper with paper clips.

I want to hold on to him 
like the clip.

I want him to be able 
to trust me with 
texts or valuable 

I want him to be able to use me
time and time again

like the paper clip. 


  1. That's such an interesting and unlikely metaphor for God, but I am seeing how it gets at the importance of that connection, and that it's a lot of trust.

    While I am far from being an advanced poet, I wonder how it might work a bit less literal??

    1. I think you should talk to Dr. Zamora and Alicia-Rae. Dr. Zamora said she uses paper clips in very unusual ways, and they both made a connection. I don't think my memory of what they said will compare or quote them precisely.

      For the record, I use paper clips the way they are supposed to be used. Lol :)