Tuesday, February 28, 2017


     GIF and Memes

           I have to admit I was not excited about this week's activities at all. I felt like a lot of people were, but these were two areas I did not have much familiarity with. In fact, Wednesday was the first time I made a GIF. I was content with the GIF based off of Howard Rheingold's Alchemagickal Lucid DreamBox and my knowledge, but the GIF was not one of my favorites. In terms of what I produced for the homework, I really like the idea behind it. I see places where I could probably do things a little different, but I decided to stick with what I had. After all, I did so many videos just to get to that one. But the idea behind the GIF was to start off in a state of chaos. I was stressed and overwhelmed. Then, to move to a place where I decided to pray. To write and turn to God, will put my chaos into a state of order.
          I think it is important to know sometimes it is hard to pray, but what I learned from Pastor Simmons is "God is a God of order." The GIF was inspired by several Pastors, Dr. Zamora's comment in class asking "does anybody keep a journal of their dreams" (that made me think about my journals), past comments people I know made about a journal, and my own engagement with written prayer and turning to God during chaotic moments in my life.

         In terms of the memes, I was inspired by a photo I took in the past. I made both the order and chaotic memes, and I used pictures I took for both. I just felt the need to claim the order one/make an account because my poem is incorporated. I tried to go back and do the chaotic one but for some reason it did not work. Anyways, the order photo has one of my favorite poems. I wanted it to represent how your work will turn out if you turn to God. Praying to God can lead to great sharing results, and you can even get ideas. For the chaotic photo, I decided to just take a photo of just blank sheets of computer paper. Sometimes, before you turn to God you feel confused, empty, stressed (just chaotic). Finally, a song that kept popping in my head and is a source of inspiration is "Nothing Without You" by Jason Nelson.

Network Effect

       When I visited Network Effect the only connection I could really make is so many other things are taking place in the world, that are sometimes more exciting, during the time we spend on the internet. 

Studio Visit with Howard Rheingold and Mamie Rheingold

      Once again, I feel like I said majority of my feelings about the studio visit Wednesday. To me, a balanced life as a digital citizen is knowing when you need to get off the internet and focus on what is more important. Sometimes, I literally have to avoid Facebook because I know it will distract me. My best practice thus far, has been getting off of Facebook completely for weeks. I know it is good for me but it is also hard.


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