Tuesday, February 14, 2017



   Original Photo

Original Book

          This week's activities were time consuming and complex, but I am satisfied with the outcome. I could not figure out how to do the edges the same, but I love what I came up with for the alternative book cover. I feel like the name of the book alone fulfills the alchemy element, but for some reason when I look at the fire I think of chemicals and labs.
           I used a photo I previously took for the Four Elements activity but did not use. I also downloaded GIMP. The idea was inspired by the movie Darkness Falls and DS106 Assignment Bank. The bank inspired me to write/paint on the picture. When you think of fairies, your mind goes to all things good. My photos bring out the dark side and make you think of all things evil which was inspired by Darkness Falls.

         These two photos represent the front and back of my postcard. I originally was trying to find/use something on the internet (Jukebox and Canva) but with prices, the words not appearing the way I wanted it to, and just time in general I decided to make it myself. At this point, I am not even sure which one was harder because they both took a lot of time.
         But, I decided to use an old fireworks photo I took because it could not be traced to a particular place. I realized this photo would be best for an "imaginary or magical place." I also felt like leaving the address out and putting Dear Stranger made it more "magical." This postcard was inspired by my professors, wikipedia, Beyoncé song "I was here," a postcard my dentist sent me to remind me about an appointment, and tweets on Twitter. For example,

What I got from watching Kurt Vonnegut is structure could perhaps make it easier for electronic literature. I thought about the response Dogtrax gave to me on my Necessary Creative Path blog. He said, "Great reflection .. I wonder about your first part -- it may be that the bot itself (I agree with you on it) is limited in the way it culls suggestions from its databased based on keywords in the tweet sent its way. So, not likely a weakness of your inquiry much as a weakness in the bot response structure (who knew there would even be such a thing!)"
Systems know what to do if they are following a structure. Lastly in terms of the studio visit with Mark & Rob, I kept thinking about the netprov I was involved in for Dr. Zamora's class. To me, it was fun and at times challenging. Like I mentioned to Dr. Zamora before, I struggled with saying certain things even though I knew it was fake. 


  1. Very cool. I love the way you darkened that fairies book up. It looked like another book all together.

  2. I enjoyed reading your thought and creative process on your creative efforts, even the dentist got in the mix. There is nothing wrong in doing your creative work with real paper and pens-- the important part is the story idea.

    But I would like to see you try (and we will help) using digital tools too. Not everything needs to be done from scratch... you might enjoy using a tool like https://photofunia.com/ that lets you create many kinds of images from digital photos.

    And I appreciate reading that you stretched your own comfort level to do the netprov, that is what we hope to see. Again, it's your blog writing and reflecting that is most important (and I enjoy hearing your comments in class).

  3. Thank you for your comments and the tool! :)