Tuesday, January 31, 2017


For the most part, I enjoyed the activity for our blog post this week! Although I posted the 4elements blog towards the end, I actually started preparing since Saturday! I purchased my balloons Saturday, but my mind did not start expanding until Sunday. I took most of my photos Sunday, and I have one that I really like but did not use. Furthermore, I also wrote a draft of dda10 Sunday. When I got home Monday, I worked on it, stared, and read it so much. I even read it to my parents to see how they felt about it. What I ended up creating is not a long story, but I love it! I think it is interesting that my dad mentioned Rudolph too. I think it is even more interesting that my dad was not feeling my story when I told him about it verbally, but he was after I read what was written. In conclusion, I loved the feedback I received from my parents and Mr. Kevin. Sometimes, people help you to see your own work from different lenses. 

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