Sunday, January 22, 2017


            Reflecting upon what Dr. Zamora said about alchemy, I imagine this class digital storytelling allowing a “transformation” to occur within me. To be completely honest, I am very comfortable with old ways of sharing knowledge, stories, etc. So in a way, I need to undergo a process that may be uncomfortable but worthwhile. I need to fulfill, get out, and share what is within me. According to Wikipedia alchemy is associated with “purifying,” so as an alchemist I will use these tools to “purify” what is inside me and try and tap into the unique storyteller. I want to create what Dr. Zamora said is “magical.” And I believe you can get to that place, by sharing experiences. 

             When it comes to my weekend performance, I am very satisfied with my blog, my first blog post, and the fact I am exposing the real person behind these blog posts/creations. This week is just about doing what is required, but I  am learning. Overall, I am excited about learning even though alchemy might turn into Al killing me (LOL)! :) 


  1. Hi [the real] Quanesha, I love the background of your blog post.....colours changing.
    Cheers, Wendy (from the open)

  2. Quanesha,
    The essence of any platform, whether it be writing in your journal or on a blog or a video is to be yourself. After all, everyone else is taken!
    I blog at "The Digital Alchemist"
    where I am also learning to just be myself--whoever that is going to turn out to be!
    I love your opening tone of beauty and openness.